August 14, 2019
Works in Progress
  • New version of Short Stories, for piano, strings and percussion.  Written for Cristina Valdes. Premiere scheduled, Feb, 21, 2020. Seattle Symphony
  • El señor de los sueños, for ensemble and puppets, based on Rodolfo Morales' paintings.  Commissioned by La Coperacha/FONCA. Premiere scheduled, Aug. 2020. Alla Balena Ensemble
  • New Work for marimba duo.  Commissioned by Makoto Nakura. Premiere scheduled, Oct. 2020. Makoto Nakura, marimba.
  • New Work for percussionist/actor, based on poetry by Oliverio Girondo.  Written for Nikki Joshi. Premiered scheduled, 2021.  Nikki Joshi, percussion and acting.
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