June 1, 2016
Guest Composer, SoundSCAPE Festival

I will be a guest Composer for the third year at the wonderful SopundSCAPE Festival in  Maccagno, Italy.  The BroadBand Ensemble will be in residence, along with a cast of exceptional faculty, including Ricardo Zohn-Muldoon, Tony Arnold, Felix Fang, Aiyun Huang, and Tomn Rosenkranz. I will lead a seminar in composition, attend concerts, and generally spend time with talented composers and musicias.  A concert suite from "Don't Blame Anyone" will be performed by the BroadBand Ensemble,. My "Kikai no Mori" and "Chance Forest Interludes" will be performed and recorded by Aiyun, Tony, and Tom (SoundSCAPE Trio)

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