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[piano duo]

Premiered May 12, 1991. Sprague Hall, New Haven.

Lory Sims, Genevieve Lee, pianos


Program note:

Calacas y Palomas ("skulls and doves") is a phrase that is ritually repeated by Mexican children playing marbles.

I began writing the piece shortly after the birth of my daughter, and childhood memories kept inundating my mind. One of these memories had to do with the idea of glass-hittingglass-hitting-glass: a sort of endless overtone-chain-reaction which itself hasn’t left me since the very moment I first thought about it. Thus, Calacas y Palomas is a work about resonance, musical continuity, percussiveness, and a sort of shadow-play where we do not see the object, only its shadow, and we do not hear the sound, only its overtones.It is dedicated to my wife Josefina and to my daughter María.


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