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[For piano, percussion, and strings]

Written for pianist Cristina Valdes and the Seattle Symphony

Premiere scheduled for Feb. 28, 2020.  Seattle Symphony. Cristina Valdes piano, Lina Gonzalez-Granados, cond.
Benaroya Hall, Seattle, WA

DURATION: ca. 14 mins.

Program note:

The words of Italo Calvino were on my mind when composing my Short Stories II. In this piece I aspire to convey the qualities that provide music its quickness: above all agility, mobility, and ease. I follow the thread spun by the first gesture (heard on bar one and present in a myriad of ways in the obbligato piano part), losing it a hundred times, finding it again after a hundred more twists and turns, and jumping around from one subject to another. I hope that, the moment my initial “subject” appears in the narrative, "it will already be charged with a special force and become like the pole of a magnetic field, a knot in the network of invisible relationships." 


Purchases: I use Paypal for online transactions.
Printed scores are wire-bound, printed on durable, 28lb paper, and shipped by US mail, unless requested otherwise.
Price listed includes S/H costs (US mail only) up to five items.
PDF sets of parts are delivered by e-mail immediately upon reciept of payment notification by Paypal (normally 1-2 days) and include a license to print an unlimited number of copies for the ensemble making the purchase.
Questions, special requests, ordering more than five items? Please contact me at carlossg[at]esm[dot]rochester[dot]edu

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