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[clarinet, piano]

Premiered Nov. 26, 1989. Capitol City Playhouse, Austin.

ISIS New Music Ensemble.


Program note:

The Loon's Chant was written in the Fall of 1987, shortly after my arrival in the United States as a Fulbright Fellow. I wanted to inaugurate my stay in this country with a piece based on some striking, all-American element. After many attempts to find sources of inspiration while wandering around the East Coast, I came across a National Audubon Society recording of loon's calls. This was the first time I had heard a loon singing.

Discovering the bird's captivating musicality, and learning about its almost imminent extinction made a powerful impact on me. I did not attempt to write a documentary, however -none of the melodic patterns I heard on the recording appear in the piece. I rather like to think of this work as a melancholic lament for the loon's ordeal.


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